WALKING TRAIL OF THE PAST (5 hours) WALKING TRAIL OF THE PAST (5 hours) Penang Tours Service, Agency, Agent, Travel, Tour ~ Absolute Vacation & Adventure Sdn Bhd
1. Hainan Temple
2. Old Pre-War Houses
3. Carpenter Guilds
4. Kapital Kling Mosque
5. Khoo Kongsi
6. Little India
7. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
The tour will takes you to Muntri Street where the Hainan Temple (or Temple of Heavenly Queen), dates back to 1895. The present building was rebuilt in the 1990’s. The road leading to our next stop will be narrow and along the way the old pre-war houses used to be homes for the local Chinese have now become budget hotels and restaurants. This is because of the Rent Control Acts in the 1980’s where rentals increased by more than a 100%. The walk will take you to the Carpenter Guilds – Centre for the Cantonese carpenters who contribute their skills to the present Heritage building. Kapital Kling Mosque was built at the start of the 19th century by the Indian Muslim traders. You walk towards Armenian Street where Dr. Sun Yat Sen used to stay for a while when he was in Penang trying to get the support from the Chinese here to help him to take down the Manchu. Cannon Square is where the Khoo Kongsi is located. Khoo Kongsi represents the opulence and prosperity of the “Khoo Clan”. Teochew Temple is the Ancestral Temple for the early Teochew migrants built in 1870. Next, you will walk along Little India with a stop at the oldest Indian temple, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple built in 1833, dedicated to the Hindu deity Sri Muthu Mariamman. The walk along the Grid of Francis Light will bring you to roads like King Street, Queen Street, Market Street and end up at Church Street where Peranakan Mansion was built in the late 19th century for the Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee who was in charge of tin mining in Taiping. The present building is now a meseum housing a lot of the Peranakan history and art effect.
(Along the way there will be a few more heritage Buildings. The tour is conducted by a Heritage Tour Guide. Along the walk, there are breaks for some good Penang Street food.)

步行将带您到木匠协会中心 – 老广东人的木匠手艺为现有的世界遗产建筑作出巨大贡献。吉宁甲必丹清真寺是由印度穆斯林贸易商在十九世纪初建成。
进入莱特走廊,将带您到国王街,皇后街,市场街等道路,最后去教堂街的十九世纪末期建造的华巫混血文化《侨生博物馆》- 将海峡华人历史在槟城的往昔岁月展现得淋漓尽致。这座富丽堂皇的宅院曾是华人甲必丹《郑景贵》的官邸,他曾掌权霹雳太平矿业。

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