TRADITIONAL TRADERS & LIVING CULTURE IN GEORGE TOWN TOUR (4 hours) TRADITIONAL TRADERS and LIVING CULTURE IN GEORGE TOWN TOUR (4 hours) Penang Tours Service, Agency, Agent, Travel, Tour ~ Absolute Vacation & Adventure Sdn Bhd Sri Maha-MariammanKapitan Keling Mosque
1. Wet Market
2. Kapitan Kling Mosque
3. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
4. Little India
5. Kuan Yin Temple
6. St George Church
The tour will take you to the Wet Market. The first market is Chowrasta Market, where the early Indian migrants use to sell their wares here along the street. So ‘Chowrasta’ is a Tamil word. At this place you will get to see the Spring Roll Skin maker doing his trades who is the 3rd generation in this business. Is a paper-thin crepes for wrapping spring rolls. Other things to see will be Yu Char Kuih, fried economy noodles, vegetables sellers, fish sellers and many more along the walk. As you enter into Campbell Street, walk towards the direction of Kapitan Kling Mosque. Along the way, you will see some old Tim Sum Restaurant, sundry shops, goldsmith shops and many more. The mosque is located at Buckingham Street, built in 1804 by the Indian Muslim traders. As we cross into Chulia Street, drop into the Teochew Ancestral Temple to see the culture and belief of the Chinese. Along the route, we are able to admire the craft done by the early Chinese migrants. Next stop will be the oldest Indian Temple built in 1833, the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. This is also Little India where we get to see the Spices run by the Indian Muslim, teh tarik stalls where people will have their breakfast, Indian Goldsmith, Samosa (is a kind of pastry with fillings inside and deep fried), Indian florist, songkok maker and it goes on non-stop. Next will be the oldest Chinese temple, Kuan Yin Temple built in 1800 by the Cantonese and Hokkien people. If possible, we will visit the Joss stick maker (he is a very old man so sometimes if he is not feeling well he would not work). The last stop will be the oldest Anglican Church and the St. George Church built in 1816. On the compound is also the Memorial of Francis Light.
(Walking tour will be conducted by a Heritage Tour Guide. Start at 0800 hours. There will be break of teh tarik and some light Indian snack at one of the Indian eating outlet.)

第一站是槟榔律集市(Chowrasta Market),是早期的印度移民在这里卖商品的地方。所以'Chowrasta'是一个印度淡米尔语词。在这个地方你将会看见传承了三代的薄饼皮商仍然用手工制造薄饼皮,其他有油炸鬼,肉贩,鱼菜商等等。

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