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1. Boat ride to Monkey Beach
2. Line Fishing
3. BBQ Lunch Provided
Take a boat ride from your hotel if you are staying along the beach hotels to the Monkey Beach. Journey will be around 30 minutes. Go fishing if you enjoy doing them. Climbing can also be done around the hill near the beach. Later BBQ lunch will be served. While eating be careful of the monkeys, they know when to come out for their hiding place.

1. 乘船去猴子滩
2. 游泳,钓鱼,攀山
3. 提供烧烤午餐
乘坐小船从峇都丁宜海滩到猴子滩旅程约30分钟。在宁静的海滩享受您的海滩活动,钓鱼甚至登山。 烧烤午餐将会热腾腾的送上,请注意猴子,它会偷吃你的食物。

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